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First notify authorities. Get medical attention if needed. Police investigations and findings will determine who is at fault. Call the at-fault insurance company to process your claim. Next, research your auto repair facilities in your area. Find a company you are comfortable with. Selecting a facility that works with you in processing your insurance claim will ease the stress of your situation. Our goal at Boyd’s is to make this situation as stress-free as possible.

In this situation you are considered the claimant and the other driver is the insured. You need to notify the insured’s insurance company of the accident.  You will need the insurance company’s name and number, the insured’s name and policy number, and the basic accident information.  Tell the insurance company that you intend to have your vehicle repaired at Boyd’s.  You do not pay for any repairs in this situation.  Boyd’s can assist you with the insurance company.

No.  There is no law that requires you to get more than one estimate.

It depends on parts availability and the amount of damage to the vehicle.   The more common the car, the easier it will be to get the parts.  There may also be hidden damage that cannot be seen upon initial inspection.  This may take additional time for repair.  Boyd’s will always give an estimated completion date with your estimate.

An Insured status is when a claim is filed under your insurance company (your insurance pays).  A Claimant status is when a claim is filed under another persons insurance company (their insurance is paying for damages).

If you have “Full Coverage”, you have both Comprehensive and Collision insurance under your policy.

If you file a claim under Comprehensive, it is an accident where something happens to you and you are not at fault (deer hit, hail damage, windshield chip, etc.).  It is considered an “Act of God” and is built into the policy as a chance occurance.  Comprehensive insurance does not go against your policy regarding rates and eligibility.

If you file a claim under Collision, it is an accident where you are at fault (hitting other property, swerving into a ditch, etc.).  There are different levels of collision claim severities due to circumstance, depending on your insurance company, which are determined by underwriters.

Collision insurance is not “built-in” to your policy and may go against your policy in regards to rates and eligibility depending on the insurance company standards.

With both Comprehensive and Collision insurance your deductible is owed due to it being your insurance that is paying for damages.  If you have any further questions, please give us a call.

O.E.M. (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts are new factory parts made by the original manufacturer (Ford, GMC, etc.).  These parts are usually more expensive than LKQ and Aftermarket quality.

L.K.Q. (Like, Kind, & Quality) parts are used original factory parts made by the original manufacturer usually found in a salvage yard.  These parts are usually less expensive than OEM quality.

Aftermarket parts are new parts that are not made by the original manufacturer.  These parts have to meet certain guidelines to meet replacement criteria.  These parts are usually less expensive than OEM quality.

I-CAR is an independent, not-for-profit technical training organization, formed by the collision industry.  I-CAR sets the industry standard in education/training and it’s activities focus on helping the industry achieve a high level of technical training.

Boyd’s is an I-CAR Platinum Class Shop.  I-CAR is the industry standard in setting procedures and guidelines for getting your vehicle back to safe and pre-accident condition.  Our technicians attend regular classes to stay on top of industry standards.

Boyd’s will bring your vehicle back to factory specifications and pre-accident condition.

Boyd’s is the only shop in Carbon County that offers you a Written Lifetime Warranty on your repairs.  If there is ever a problem, let us know, and we will gladly take care of your concerns.

When the auto repair facility gets the vehicle in the shop, they will sometimes find unforeseen damage.  Procedures/parts that are needed to do the repairs and are not listed on the original estimate are called supplemental items/procedures.  The insurance company pays the shop directly 100% for all additional repairs.  Our customer has no additional paperwork and/or aggravation with a supplement – just a thorough and safe repair job.

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Please contact Boyd’s for more information on estimating procedures involving insurance.


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My thanks for getting our car restored in quick order!  It is running great thanks to Boyd’s!


Boyd’s restored our new vehicle to a prestine condition.  You almost wouldn’t know it was in an accident.


The folks at Boyd’s were friendly and kept us in the loop as they fixed our truck.